Business Optimisation Through People

Welcome to Emotive Solutions. Emotive Solutions is a network of registered Organisational/Industrial psychologists and accredited business professionals. At Emotive Solutions we specialise in Business Improvement through Emotional Intelligence drawing from our experience and network of multi-disciplinary professionals. We believe that people are the heartbeat of any organisation. The more effective and efficient people function, the better a business will perform.

Trauma not dealt with properly remains in the subconscious mind. The subconscious keeps on dealing with these traumas in various ways and drain our mental energy required to perform optimally. Unresolved trauma steals YOUR energy and negatively impacts on reasoning ability, thinking, attention, creativity and awareness. By resolving the traumas impacting us we release suppressed energy and can perform optimally.  By behaving in a more Emotionally Intelligent way we can prevent certain trauma and improve our relations which holds personal and business benefits.  

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy therefore substantiates an inside out approach which entails that we focus on the human factor, the self.  Purely because you cannot manage or lead others if you cannot do it for yourself.  We follow a holistic, integrated yet simplified approach to improve people and ultimately the business as a hole.

The Business Side

The very people who are the core of an organisation cannot operate in isolation of each other, other teams, systems, technology and machinery to mention a few examples. A detailed business analysis is required to determine the exact root cause/s impacting business and people. We implement, project manage and evaluate progress by driving continuous improvement and essentially achieving business improvement.

The Emotive Philosophy
Movement (shift)

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Recruitment Consulting
Team Dynamics
Performance Management
Psychometric evaluation
Career Guidance
Learning Needs Analysis
Organisational Design
Behavioural Facilitation
Emotional intelligence workshops

We specialize in:

Trauma Release
7 Benefits of 
Emotional Intelligence
  1. Adaptability
  2. Managing emotions in others
  3. Emotional Control
  4. Less impulsive
  5. Strong relationships
  6. More optimistic
  7. Better stress management
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